About Becky

Becky writes contemporary commercial fiction filled with friendship, romance, humor, a touch of mystery, a sprinkling of magic, and a bushel of family drama. And usually a four-legged or winged companion, too. She’s also the voice behind an ever-expanding library of more than 200 audiobooks.

Becky and her Tomato Man met in the ’80s (see wedding pic below). They live at the end of a lane on top of a hill in a hundred-year-old house. They share their lives with never enough pets, and they grow dueling riotous, rambling gardens. Most of the things in their gardens are edible… but some are most definitely not, due to Becky’s fascination with poisonous plants. They have three adult children living wild adventures of their own, but who also show up on demand with scrumptious grandbabies to nibble on.

Puppy Love Betsy and Becky Doughty

Ten Titillating Truths About Me

1) I’m all the typical things that people are, but I’m also part chameleon. Not because I can change colors on demand (although, that would be AWESOME!), but because I can move my eyes independently of each other. It gives me a serious eye-strain headache, but it’s entertaining.

2) I have lived most of my adult life in Southern California, but I have a serious love/hate relationship with the sun. I always thought I should live somewhere like Ireland or Scotland where it rains a lot. So we moved to Indiana. It rains a lot here, just sayin’.

3) Speaking of Ireland, I ran The Dublin Marathon in Dublin, Ireland, in the year 2000. It was my “epic millennial triumph”. It rained the whole 26.2 miles. Chafing and blisters – and tears – commenced.

4) I am adopted. It’s pretty cool. I come from nowhere, anywhere, and everywhere.

5) Speaking of being adopted, one of my favorite pastimes is people watching. In airports and waiting rooms, at parks and coffee shops, I pretend to read, but really, I look for people who might be my long-lost birth relatives. Then I write reunion scenes in my head. Some day, I may publish those reunion stories. But I probably won’t.

6) I still read aloud to our married children after dinner during Family Nights. We like all things Middle Earth, Otherworld, Time-travel, and non-Muggle. We keep it real, baby.

7) I have a secret that I can’t tell you.

8) Our family boasts some remarkable tattoos.

9) I read a lot of psych thrillers and romantic suspense, but I usually write contemporary commercial women’s fiction. I keep threatening to put out a nonfiction book, but I kinda like the whole ‘creative license’ thing with fiction. Baby, I was BORN TO LIE! (Bumper sticker, anyone?)

10) I grew up on the mission field, so we had no television. But when I was eight, someone sent us all the Nancy Drew books published at that time. I lived vicariously through those books for years. No, I wasn’t Miss Drew. I was Nancy’s bestie, tomboy Georgia “George” Fayne. Then I thought it would be awesome to be Carolyn Keene… until I found out that the name is a pseudonym for multiple ghostwriters who were paid pennies for their work.

Then I figured I’d just have to be me and write my own stories.

So I did. And I do.

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