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The Secret Life of Becky Doughty

Becky Doughty Author 11-16 514x514I’m what you might call a recluse. I live a secret life.

Not a secretive life. No, I’m pretty much an open book if you’re willing to turn the pages. I just have a difficult time living out loud in public.

I get on my Facebook page and suddenly, I have nothing to say. Or I have too much to say or Facebook isn’t the place to say what I have to say.

I get on Twitter and can’t come up with 140 characters (one or two sentences!) to save my life! Or what I want to say won’t fit into 140 characters….

BeckyDoughty_Betsy_DogI hop over to Instagram, and suddenly nothing in my photo album is share-worthy. Other than pictures of my dog. And apparently, I really, really love my dog.

So I start scrolling for inspiration. I read what everyone else is posting, tweeting, and sharing, and I think, “I can do this!”

But then I go back to my “New Post”…and that blank white box mocks me, and the vicious cycle starts all over again. There may or may not even be tears.