Thursday Things (Even Though it’s Saturday): 5 Things To Do While You’re Sick in December…

Yep. I’m sick. December hit me like a ton of bricks. Hit me hard. Took me out at the knees and is now kicking me while I’m down. And…it has also stolen my voice.

This is not good if you make a living as a narrator or voice actor.

Oh! But check out the snow on my website!!! (Look! A Squirrel!)

Fortunately, though, I have several other things on my To-Do List that need my attention, and so, from my queen-like throne of pillows, armed with Willow Goodhope’s Elderberry Tea on tap and my laptop (yes, the one my Computer Mistress brought back from the brink of death a few months ago), I was able to cross a few things off said list!

From Willow's Basket: Elderberry Tea

1) Sleep: Check! I think I slept more in the first 3 days of this thing than I have in the last 3 months combined. Seriously. Over one 24-hour period, I was awake for less than four hours. It. Was. AWESOME. And yes, I have to put “sleep” on my list or I’ll attempt to put it off until after the holidays. Take my word for it: it doesn’t work that way.

2) Christmas Shopping Early This Year: Check! Believe me, that is a major feat, primarily because I don’t leave the house. Ever. I live in my yoga pants and hoodies, poking my head out of the house on Sunday mornings to go to church (don’t worry – I do change into church girl clothes), but only if I can find my sunglasses. So needless to say, I’ve invested in,,,, and few other random sites this month. Oh. And in UPS and the USPS. Those poor delivery people. At least this year, they won’t be knocking on my door on Christmas Eve…not that I’ve ever made anyone do that before…. And hey, did you see Amazon has hired Uber drivers as extra delivery people this year? A few of them have stopped by at all hours – lovely folks, those Uber drivers.


3) Offer Some Holiday Cheer For My Readers: Check! Right now, there are THREE ways you can enjoy some holiday cheer on me:

~ The BookSweeps 2016 Christmas Romance Extravaganza – Where you, my beloved readers, can enter to win a Kindle Paperwhite, 1 of 10 Kindle Fires, or 1 of 10 $50 bookstore gift cards! PLUS, if you subscribe to any (or ALL) of the participating author’s mailing lists, you get free books on the spot! (I’m giving away Elderberry Croft: The Complete Collection when you subscribe to my Reader Community News, so if you haven’t read it yet, do hop over and check it out! You can click on link above or the image below.

2016 Christmas Extravaganza: Elderberry Croft by Becky Doughty

~ Tuscan Getaway Giveaway – I’m also giving away a signed paperback copy of All the Way to Heaven: Book 1 of The Fallout Series to TWO of my Reader Community Members! But hurry – today’s your last chance to enter!

EXCITEMENT! JOY! THRILL!: Did you know Elderberry Croft was originally written and published in monthly episodes as a serial novel? Well, due to popular demand, I’m launching a new one! So next week, I’m sending out the first episode – The Prequel – of my brand new 2017 Serial Novel BEFORE it goes live anywhere else! (Title to be revealed!) And to whom am I sending this little preview ditty, you ask? To my Reader Community Members, of course! So if you want the Prequel before anyone else in the whole wide world (and for FREE!), here’s the link to sign up: Reader Community News.

4) Create a Super Work Plan for 2017: Check. You guys. I have a plan. And it’s a scary wicked awesome plan that will be very challenging- not just physically, but emotionally, too – but it’s jam-packed with things I’ve been putting off too long. Granted, this is one of those things that must stay fluid in my line of work – take this month, for example. My December production schedule included three audiobooks…needless to say, those have now been pushed to January, January’s audiobooks have been pushed to February, February’s audiobooks have been pushed to March… You get the picture. But you guys! I. HAVE. A. PLAN!

5) Miss My Family: Check. Yep. The problem with being sick, especially during the holidays, is that no one wants the kind of “gift” I’m so generously giving right now to anyone who gets too close or stays close too long. And it’s killing me. I mean, look at this face….


~ ~ ~

So that’s my December To Do List so far. What do you have on YOUR December To-Do List?