Thursday Things: Always Time for Coffee…

It’s the final countdown for the release of Gia & the Blast from the Past this month (Woo-hoo!) and I’ve been burning the candle at both ends to get there, and drinking lots of coffee along the way … because there’s always time for coffee, right?

There's Always Time for Coffee - Becky Doughty

This book has been such a LONG time in the works, but when I look back over nearly a year since Phoebe & the Rock of Ages released, I’m amazed at all the things that have happened in the interim … this has truly been a season of change for so many, hasn’t it?

And so, I’m excited and relieved and even a little anxious to let this last book in The Gustafson Girls Series make its way into your hands, mainly because it’s (most likely) the last we’ll hear from these sisters, and because “happily ever afters” are always accompanied by bittersweet goodbyes.

That said, along with my slow-start serial novel, Pemberton Manor (new episodes coming soon, I promise!), I have some new series in the works and I’m really looking forward to diving into them wholeheartedly. More on that once Gia has made her long-awaited debut!

Okay – I’m off to wrap up a few more loose ends so I can enjoy my Mother’s Day weekend with my family. Stay tuned for the Release Day announcement of Gia and the Blast from the Past: Book 4 of The Gustafson Girls Series!

~ ~ ~

Have a wonderful weekend of celebrating mothers!