Thursday Things: 3 Things I’m Thankful For

It’s Thursday. Well, it was when I started writing this, anyway. So even though it’s after midnight and you won’t be getting this until Friday (Christmas Eve Eve, for those of us who are – I mean, aren’t – panicking!), in my book, it still counts as a Thursday post!

Here are 3 things I’m thankful for this fine Thursday…

  1. I’m thankful for God’s provision. As most of you know, I’ve been down for the count pretty much this whole month…which can be a real concern for someone who is self-employed. But God knew what we needed, and He provided work for us from an unexpected source, allowing me to rest and heal without feeling guilty.
  2. I’m thankful for the time to rest and heal…because during those long hours, I discovered a story that was begging to be told! I’ve started a new serial novel, Pemberton Manor, that will be released in monthly Episodes throughout 2017. The Prequel, Episode 00: The Goodbye Girl, is officially released on ebook retail sites today! (For those of you waiting on the 4th Gustafson Girls book, Gia and the Blast from the Past, stay tuned. An update is coming soon!)
  3. And I’m thankful for you, Dear Readers, who motivate me to keep writing, to keep giving life to the stories that show up in my mental inbox…

And because I’m thankful, I’m gifting this new story to my Reader Community Members. Each month around the 15th, I’ll publish a new Episode to ebook retail sites, but ANYONE WHO SUBSCRIBES TO MY READER COMMUNITY THIS MONTH (December) will receive each Episode FREE via my monthly Reader Community Newsletter! So if you haven’t joined up yet, I invite you to come get to know the folks at…

Pemberton Manor!

Join My Reader Community and Get The Goodbye Girl Free!

A place where misfits fit in, where normal is overrated, and where hope—and love—spring eternal.

Pemberton Manor seems rather out of place in Southern California. But if home is where the heart is, then this English estate planted amidst orange groves and palm trees, deserts and beaches, and converted into ten charming apartments, is the perfect place to hang one’s hat. Fall in love with a quirky bunch of characters who call the even quirkier Pemberton Manor home. But be warned; once you set foot in these doors, you may never want to leave.

The Goodbye Girl: The Prequel

Grace Winters is tall enough to look any man in the eye, and her feet are big enough to wear her brother’s shoes. But as commanding a presence as she may be, she’s experienced a few too many goodbyes in her life. She also harbors a secret, one that might just be keeping her from embracing her future, from finding her own adventure…the very things she really wants. When she steps into the antique Otis elevator at Pemberton Manor – and on the toes of one mysterious August Jones – she might just discover a brand new way of seeing things.

Yes, I want to read Pemberton Manor!

Of course, if you’re not a newsletter subscriber (don’t worry, I’m very selective myself!), you can still get the Episodes online! Episode 00 (The Prequel), Pemberton Manor: The Goodbye Girl is already live on Amazon Kindle, and will soon be available on iBooks, Barnes & Noble Nook, Kobo, and more. The rest of the series will only be available on Amazon (to purchase or borrow with a Kindle Unlimited subscription) for the duration of 2017 installment schedule, but once the book is complete, the plan is to release it to other retail sites, too. Each episode will be priced at 99 cents.

And if you still haven’t read Elderberry Croft: The Complete Collection, there are still a few days left to grab a FREE copy via The 2016 Christmas Romance Extravaganza! If you do have a copy already, check out the Extravaganza anyway – there are LOTS of free romance novels to fill your eReaders with this holiday season!

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I LOVE it when one of MY PEEPS wins these multi-author giveaways – I always feel like I’ve won, too!

~ ~ ~

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(Drum roll, please…….)

Melda and Tina are our winners!

Congratulations, Ladies!

And so, Dear Readers, on that note, if I don’t get back to this blog before Christmas…


Merry Christmas to each and every one of you!

Becky Doughty