Thursday Things: 10 Things I Googled This Week

So I’ve started a file on my computer called “Things I Googled…” As an author, I get to tweak reality and suspend belief and live vicariously and create worlds, et al. But to do all those things in a way that makes readers WANT to believe the unbelievable, I have to infuse my falsities with at least of fraction of facts, right? So what does a girl do? She Googles.

Here’s the thing. My books don’t take place in insanely-fabricated locales. I don’t conjure up other world creatures and try to convince you that you should not just believe they’re real, but that you should also kinda fall in love with them. Or at least like them enough to root for them.


Most of my stories take place in this world, in today’s time, and deal with today’s lifestyles. I don’t write thrillers or intricate mysteries; I write people. So I figured my Google searches wouldn’t be that odd, right?

Okay. They’re not really that odd. They’re not really that funny. They’re not really that anything in particular. But maybe you’ll get some insight into what I’m writing…. Or you’ll just be confused. All that said, the list made me smile a little, so I thought I’d share them with you in case you need a smile, too. Or a head scratch.

So without further ado…

10 Things I Googled this Week

  1. How many steps in a flight of stairs?
  2. What does dragon’s blood smell like?
  3. Did anyone die at Woodstock 94?
  4. Who is the Patron Saint of Patience?
  5. What is a block slug?
  6. Is there a men’s modern pompadour tutorial?
  7. What is the time span between births of multiples?
  8. What is the most efficient way to break into a 1960s VW van?
  9. Where is Xanadu?
  10. Do people still like Giphys in blog posts?



There you have it…all in the name of RESEARCH, I assure you! So what was the last thing you Googled?