Monday Motivation

I have deadlines. More deadlines than I should have, truth be told. So what am I doing? Am I writing? Am I narrating? Am I doing a little post-Christmas housecleaning? Am I sitting here thinking about tacos?

I did start out with good intentions, mind you. Stepped into the isolation chamber to narrate, but discovered I still had the kind of non-sexy morning voice that just makes everyone want to clear their throats for me.

(Heads up – this is another Giphy-fest, so turn on your images!)

So I decided to do a little more research on Otis elevators like the one in Pemberton Manor: The Goodbye Girl (Amazon link). Which led me to watching a few too many YouTube videos of people riding in tiny ancient elevators, shot with phone cameras and no videographic skill… and I ended up with a disturbing case of motion sickness.

By the way, you can get Pemberton Manor: The Goodbye Girl for only 99 cents wherever ebooks are sold, or you can read it for FREE when you join my Reader Community mailing list – click here – or check out the link in the sidebar or footer on my website.

Well, since that was a bust, and since I now needed some Monday motivation, I of course, asked Benedict Cumberbatch what he thought I should do…



Fine, I thought. And like a good little writer-girl, I poured myself another shot of whiskey  cup of coffee and then sat down to type. But everything I’d planned to write suddenly sounded ridiculous to me, and besides, my fingertips were starting to tingle and go numb. Whether a symptom of writer’s block or too much whiskey coffee, I couldn’t tell you for certain.



I texted a fellow writer friend to gossip about stupid people get some encouragement, and she said (sounding remarkably like Benedict Cumberbatch…but without the really deep voice…or the British accent…or the– Never mind. She didn’t sound anything like him.) Anyway, she said, “Just go type. Free write. You know, close your eyes and type whatever comes to your mind.” She’s one of those ethereal, find your bliss kind of people…. She suggested I pick a theme, so I decided to write a love letter.



Okay. So it took a little doing – I had to shake things up a bit – but I when I thought I had something, I opened my eyes to read the tender words of my heart:



When beloved Husband Mine strolled by on his way to his umpteenth productive task of the day and dared to ask me what I was working on, I said in a sweet wifey voice scowled and growled, “Garbage, refuse, waste, litter, junk, debris, detritus, or as Benedict Cumberbatch might say, rubbish!”

Husband Mine kissed me passionately – just to shut me up, mind you. He’s often quite passionate about that – went on his merry way, and my sweet baby Betsy dog looked up at me with wide, admonishing eyes.



I’m still not sure what I’m going to get accomplished today, but my voice is beginning to settle, my words are starting to come to me, and oh! I took down our Christmas tree last night! So I did accomplish something in the last 24 hours! (Granted, the ornaments are all jumbled together in a bin on the piano bench, and the garland is still up over the arched entry, and I can’t find the box for the Nativity set. And I’m pretty sure there’s an 18-inch stuffed Santa loitering on my front porch…I wonder if I can just leave him tucked behind the potted plant until next Christmas so I don’t have to figure out where to store him again.)

But Husband Mine did say he’d bring me a taco when I wanted to take a break, so that worked out well, don’t you think?

Okay. I’m going back to work now. I hope your Monday is going well!