Look What Heather is Giving Away!

Yes, it’s been veeeeerrrrra (please, please, PLEASE read that with a Scottish burr – it’s much more fun that way) quiet on the home front the last month or two. Well, I’m just gonna tell you now, it’s probably going to stay fairly quiet the rest of the year.

What’s going on you ask?

Well, for starters, all is well. For enders, all is well. There is simply A LOT going on in our lives right now, what with the holidays suddenly upon us, homeschool high school in full swing, breast cancer awareness events this month, book and audiobook deadlines to meet, 2017 to launch…and this sweet, heart-crushing Mr. Jones who loves his grandma possibly as much as she loves him.

(I had a cold and was keeping my distance…)

In other words, I’m having to prioritize things right now because I just don’t have enough time for everything I need to do. So fair warning: Things are going to remain quiet around here until January. I’ll pop on now and then and post an update or two, or share with you something I think you’d like to know about, but that’s about it. I will, however, be doing a bit more with my Reader Community – some holiday giveaways closer to Christmas – so if you’re not subscribed to my Reader Community News email list yet, now is a good time to do so!

Speaking of “something I think you’d like to know about,” look what Heather Day Gilbert, Author and Critique Partner Extraordinaire, has going on RIGHT NOW, even as I type this!

Heather Day Gilbert Book Bundle Giveaways

FOUR BOOK BUNDLE GIVEAWAYS! Woo hoo! Something for everyone! Scroll down through them and see what she’s offering – I’ve read all but one of the books in the bundles, and I can personally vouch for them, even the one I haven’t read, as I am familiar with all these authors and their work. You can’t go wrong with any of these!

Note: I am posting the raffles so you can sign up directly from here, but if you’d like to visit Heather’s website and see what she’s all about, do pop over there, too! HeatherDayGilbert.com


  • All the Way to Heaven by Becky Doughty (That’s me!)
  • Signed copy of God’s Daughter by Heather Day Gilbert
  • The House at Riverton (lightly used hardcover) by Kate Morton
  • Bookmarks from Becky Doughty and Heather Day Gilbert

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The CRITIQUE PARTNER GIVEAWAY Bundle (because we are critique partners!):

  • Signed copy of All the Way to Heaven by Becky Doughty
  • Signed copy of Out of Circulation by Heather Day Gilbert
  • Signed copy of Miranda Warning, Book 1 in A Murder in the Mountains series by Heather Day Gilbert
  • Signed copy of Trial by Twelve, Book 2 in A Murder in the Mountains series by Heather Day Gilbert
  • Bookmarks from both authors
  • White/sequined infinity scarf

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  • A Cup of Dust: a Novel of the Dust Bowl by Susie Finkbeiner
  • The Westward Christmas Brides Collection by Wanda Brunstetter, Susan Page Davis, Melanie Dobson, Cathy Liggett, Vickie McDonough, Olivia Newport, Janet Spaeth, Jennifer Rogers Spinola, and MaryLu Tyndall (lightly used)
  • The Well by Stephanie Landsem
  • The Lady and the Lionheart by Joanne Bischof
  • Multicolored, tasseled scarf
  • Bookmark from Heather Day Gilbert

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

~ ~ ~

Pretty cool, huh? But don’t delay – there is less than a month left to enter!

For those of you who haven’t subscribed to my own Reader Community News mailing list, I’m still giving away the original Elderberry Croft as a “Thank you!” gift just for being on board. (See the signup below or click/tap here!) This offer IS going to change the end of this year, so get your free copy now – I’d love for you to get to know Willow Goodhope as she’s one of my favorite characters!

Okay – until next time, hugs and Happy Holidays!