I’m back from backing up.

As you may have heard…my computer hard drive crashed at the end of September. An “avada kedavra, belly-up, legs-twitching-in-the-air” kind of crash. Although I don’t know who wielded the wand on this one, what I took to my Computer Repair Mistress (CRM) was something that metaphorically resembled what was left of Voldemort under the bench at that weird, misty, near empty train station. Not quite dead, but not much left worth salvaging.

For those of you who aren’t Harry Potter fans, suffice it to say that my hard drive existeth no longer. Although my CRM salvaged much of what was on the hard drive before its final throes, even so, what came back to me is altered, some parts glitched, and some stuff gone altogether.


I know. BACK UP. Well, we’ve had a little upheaval around here this last year, and back in April I unhooked my external drive (my back up storage) in the middle of all the shuffling. I never suspected my computer was just waiting for that opportune moment to do its worst. Before I got things settled back into my office…well, you know the rest.

Yes, I’m back to backing up regularly. I also feel like I’m back to places I’ve already been as I wend my way through the fallout caused by the crash. At first I was frustrated. As in, tears frustrated. Rants and tantrums frustrated. Thoughts of sledge hammers and drinking binges frustrated.

A sledge hammer and drinking binge frustration - Becky Doughty

Side note: I typed “hammer” and “computer” into Google and THOUSANDS of images came up. Apparently “thoughts of sledge hammers and drinking binges” is a real thing when it comes to computers.

Anyhoo, I’ve been kinda sorta hiding out behind that frustration, only making sporadic blips online. (Couldn’t have timed it better, in light of the political spew-fest that social media has been over the last several months.) But this week, I decided to be done with that.

This is a chance for a new beginning of sorts for me. Rather than wallowing in “woe is me”-isms, I’m looking at this as an opportunity to re-evaluate and refresh. As I methodically go through everything that remains, it’s like taking an analytical look back at my journey, and you know what? When I don’t focus on my frustration, it’s almost fun and more than a little freeing. I’m letting go of a lot of ideas and game plans that I’d “saved for later,” ideas I know now will never fly. I’m clearing out images I’d saved for posts and memes that aren’t even relevant to my life or career anymore. I’m reading old manuscripts that are inspiring and motivating and lighting literary fires…and some I’m using to light literal fires with, I readily admit.

So…I’m hitching up my big girl bloomers and getting back in the game.


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