Elderberry Croft: The Box Set

Elderberry-Croft-Box-Set-by-Becky-DoughtyYou read that right! For the first time ever – and available only for a limited time – I’ve put Elderberry Croft and the sequel novella, Elderberry Days together in Elderberry Croft: The Box Set! Just in time for cozy winter, feel-good reading, right?

Ready for even better news?

Elderberry Croft: the Box Set

~ ONLY 99 cents ~

That’s right. I want to get this book into as many hands as I can this holiday season. Willow Goodhope’s story is all about what it means to give and give and give some more, a message she takes to heart from her beloved elderberry tree. This series is about kindness and generosity, about reaching out to those around us, about offering hope and help even in the midst of our own trials. It’s about finding joy in the little things, peace in the darkest hour, and friendship where we least expect it.

It’s about all the things I pray for you, dear readers.

~ ~ ~

Do grab your copy today…and if you’ve already read Willow’s story, then I encourage you to gift someone else a copy! Most retailers make gifting ebooks really simple – if you’re not sure how to do so, just contact me and I’m happy to help you out.



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As always … with HOPE!
Becky D

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