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How was your Christmas? Did you have a chance to catch up to anyone special over the weekend? I know this holiday can be filled with blessings for some and filled with heartache for others. I pray you received a taste of joy in the celebration of the birth of Christ. One of the things I’ve committed to do more of lately is praying, and although I pray for my readers all the time, is there anything, in particular, you’d like me to pray about? I’d love to add your name to my prayer journal. Email me directly HERE.

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But let’s back up just a wee bit.

So the 2016 Christmas Romance Extravaganza ended last night. I hope you had a chance to check out all the free books from over 150 participating authors! And for those of you who downloaded Elderberry Croft, thank you! I sincerely hope you enjoy getting to know Willow Goodhope and her neighbors at the Coach House trailer park. Do leave a review on Amazon, if you think of it – I appreciate every single one, no matter what rating you give.

2016 Christmas Extravaganza: Elderberry Croft by Becky Doughty

And stay tuned for the announcement of ALL the winners of the different prizes – A Kindle Paperwhite, one of 10 Kindle Fires, and one of 10 $50 Bookstore Gift Cards! It may take about a week to get all the final numbers in and contact the winners (the organizer has to wait for confirmation from each one before we announce names), but as soon as I get those names from BookSweeps, I’ll be sure and post it here! Wouldn’t it be AWESOME if more of our own readers were on that Winners List???!!!

That said, just because the 2016 Christmas Romance Extravaganza is over doesn’t mean you’re out of luck! Not yet, anyway!

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If you prefer not to subscribe, I totally understand. I just unsubscribed from more than a dozen newsletters today. Not because I’m mean or hateful or insensitive, but because I simply don’t have time to read everything that shows up in my inbox, and one of my goals for the end of this year is to clean off both my physical and virtual desks. That includes piles of paperwork on my physical desk and piles of unread emails on my virtual desk. In other words, I get it. I really do.

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That’s it from me for today. Watch for my Thursday Things post where I’ll share some of my favorite gifts this year! And don’t forget – I’d love to pray for you!