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BraveHeart Audiobooks has officially launched!

As we launch into a new year (HELLO, 2014!), I’ve also launched a new business with my husband, Kevin, BraveHeart Audiobooks. As most of you know, so much about being a full time author these days has changed, and many of us are finding creative opportunities to spread our wings in this industry. I’d considered offering editing services, or formatting services, but what I really, really, really love doing, other than writing, is reading. And I especially love to narrate!

Because my husband and I come from a background of music and drama, we were already equipped with most of the necessities for a home studio. So after prayerful consideration, and some encouragement from other authors, we forged ahead, and now here we are–it’s official!

Although I’m an independent contractor and open to outside contracts, I’m currently working through as a narrator/producer, and at this point, I’m filtering most of my contracts through them.

CLICK HERE for my Producer Profile link, and find several examples of my narration.

What is

ACX is a marketplace where professional authors, agents, publishers, and other Rights Holders can post unused audiobook rights. ACX is brought to you by, an subsidiary and a leading provider of audio content and entertainment.”

In essence, ACX is like an online dating site that matches publishers and authors with narrators and producers. It also provides a platform for authors to narrate their own work, like I’m doing. ACX has strict quality control for their finished products, and although you may find narrators on the site whose samples are clearly not up to industry standards, the finished products must meet those standards for the audiobooks to pass ACX’s filters.

ACX provides a variety of ways for audiobooks to be generated, including some that are extremely cost-effective for Rights Holders. Options include exclusive royalty share and non-exclusive royalty share between author and narrator (industry standard rate of 50/50 percent of proceeds per sale), Per Finished Hour rate (industry standard rates are between $200-$400 per finished hour), or negotiable terms to be determined between parties prior to production. Royalty share and PFH rates are always negotiable and there are many narrators who are open to producing at significantly lower rates.

Excerpt from Elderberry Croft: January Breeze, by Becky Doughty


The best part about ACX is that it’s free to sign up!

AUTHORS AND RIGHTS HOLDERS: If you have a published book, or you are a print publisher, AND YOU HOLD THE AUDIO RIGHTS, you can simply register as a Rights Holder, claim your book(s), and list it as open for auditions. Or you can scan the available producers to find a voice you feel would work well for your book, and approach the narrator directly through ACX’s message center. You can also narrate your book yourself, as I do, and upload your finished product directly to, where it will be marketed and sold through and! And yes, Audible and Amazon are all about helping you market your audiobooks because it’s how THEY make money!

NARRATORS AND AUDIOBOOK PRODUCERS: If you have the appropriate recording equipment and set up, or have access to a studio, and would like to be a narrator yourself, it’s also free to register on ACX. Once you’re in, you’ll want to upload a variety of samples of your work so rights holders can get an idea of what services you offer.

Excerpt from The Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett


If you’re interested in finding out more about audiobooks, or, but aren’t quite ready to jump in with both feet, don’t hesitate to email me with your questions HERE!

Do hop over to my Producer Profile for more!

Do you listen to audiobooks? Have you discovered Librivox is a site where you can listen to audiobooks of public domain books for FREE! Yes, there are other sites, but this one is my favorite – it’s where I got my start!

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