Review: Julie Cantrell

I've called this post a review of Julie Cantrell, not because I'm actually reviewing HER (although Heather Day Gilbert did have a FABULOUS interview with Julie over at Married...With Fiction last Friday!), but because I read both her books, Into the Free, and When Mountains Move, one right after the other, and I want to talk about both books. I requested to be on Julie's launch team for this sequel, When Mountains Move, primarily because Heather had so strongly encouraged me to read Into the Free. So I BOUGHT Into the Free (See? Influencers DO work! Heather influenced me, and...

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Elderberry Croft, Volume 3 Cover

It's here! Volume 3: July Madness, August Memories, September Longing! This third volume should be available by the 25th, if not earlier, wherever e-books are sold - distribution to all the ebook retail sites can take up to ten days from the time it goes live on Smashwords this weekend - I'll keep you posted with the direct links. In the meantime, you can catch up on Volumes 1 and 2 wherever ebooks are sold - Volume 1 will remain FREE indefinitely, and good ol' Amazon has Volume 2 at 99 cents while everywhere else it's priced at $1.99. Remember:...

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And So…Part Three: She Goes Home

Grace Notes #8 Still Before the Lord

Part One: Is There a Real Elderberry Croft? (The story behind the story...) Part Two: The Real Elderberry Croft: I was a Christian Witch Part Three: She Goes Home   Marriage. War. This is pretty much what it had become... [youtube=] (By the way, this is not my video. I have no rights to it whatsoever. Nor did I post the lyrics, including the "to" when it should be "too," etc.) So Kevin and I met with pastors and counselors separately at first, then together, until we finally agreed to begin dating. Tentatively. Carefully. Our dates, however, were different than any...

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