Becky Doughty is Tackling the Overwhelm!

Becky Doughty is Tackling the Overwhelm!

I know, I know. I’ve said it before. I have too many things going down around here. Toooooooo many.

Granted, they’re good things – even GREAT things!

New Releases: Gia and the Blast from the Past (Gustafson Girls Book 4) released this month. I’ve also been working with author Rosemary Hines and Tantor Media to produce more of her Sandy Cove Series in audiobooks. (Many of the audiobooks are deeply discounted if you purchase the ebook first!)

Author Interviews: I just had a lovely visit with my critique partner and author extraordinaire, Heather Day Gilbert. She asked me some great questions about The Gustafson Girls (Gia, in particular!), upcoming book projects, bad boys, and coffee.

Grandbabies: Remember the miracle that was Jones? Guess what – Jones is going to be a big brother this fall!!!!

Becky Doughty Grandchildren

Garden Goodies: Plums and Beet Jams, Tomatoes all in rows, Herbs, Cucumbers (and Pickles!), and more…

Becky Doughty Garden

The list goes on….

But there are also newsletters and blogging and Facebook and Instagram. Oh, and Pinterest and Twitter. And BookBub and Amazon. And Goodreads and…okay, you get it, right?

I don’t know about you, but I’m a little overwhelmed by the sheer volume of emails I get every single day. Over the last few months, I’ve been culling my inbox a little at a time, weeding out the subscriptions I simply don’t read. Not because I’m not interested – I mean, I DID subscribe to many of these at one time! – but because I’m overwhelmed. Did I say that already?

Well, what if EVERYONE is doing the same thing I am? I know when I sent out my last newsletter, I had the highest unsubscribe rate ever, and I know I didn’t say anything offensive or politically incorrect. I really believe it’s just the overwhelm that EVERYONE is feeling.

So I’m tackling the overwhelm by combining things on my end to minimize the duplicates and multiple versions I’ve been producing.

The BEST ways for you to keep up with stuff going on around here, in order of my preference, are:

  • Sign up for my Reader Community News: I’ll keep you posted about new releases, book sales & freebies, and a smattering of personal stuff like favorite recipes, recommended reading (or listening), and family news. You can unsubscribe at any time and I promise to keep your information private!
  • Follow me on BookBub: If you only want quick, short notices about new releases and book discounts, follow me on Bookbub – they’re fantastic about sending out notices!
  • Follow me on Amazon: Especially if you’re not a BookBub subscriber! Amazon isn’t quite as consistent or dependable about letting you know when I release new books or when prices change, but they’re getting there!
  • Follow my Author Page on Facebook: For various reasons, I am switching my personal Facebook page to private. I am no longer accepting Friend Requests from people who are not personal family and friends. I’d love to have you follow my author page – I’m going to work harder at staying active there now that my personal page won’t be accessible – however, much of what you’ll find there is a duplicate of what I share here, so again, the BEST way to stay updated is via my Reader Community News above.
  • The rest of these social media sites are listed in case you have a preference, but please know that I merely dabble in them at this point. I’m working on my Instagram chops – I’m actually finding I like it as much, if not more, than Facebook! I love, love, LOVE Pinterest for inspiration and motivation. But because I tend to get lost there for HOURS, so I stay away until I can’t stand it anymore and then about once a week, I binge post…. I have lots of fun collections over there, so do check it out! You can follow me on Goodreads but I’m admittedly terrible about visiting Goodreads on a regular basis. However, if you’re a Goodreads fan, I love stopping by there periodically and checking out readers and reviews, what books are being given away, group conversations, etc. And Goodreads sends out a monthly update about authors you follow! There’s Twitter, too, but again, most of what gets posted there is a duplicate of what you’ll find on my Facebook Author Page.

What about my blog, you ask? Well, my blog is going to become my newsletter. Or the other way around. They shall become one.

I feel like it’s redundant to write a blog post that essentially says the same thing as my newsletters, so I’m combining them – one more way to tackle the overwhelm!

So…starting this July, each newsletter I send out will also be posted here on my website, along with links to archived newsletters, in case you miss something. If you’re subscribed to both my newsletter and my blog, bear with me; over the next few weeks, I’m going through and combining lists to eliminate duplicates. That said, technologically challenged, so if you do start getting duplicates next month, just let me know.

And I think that covers it for now! I really don’t want to lose readers who might be getting far more mail than they want! I don’t want to overwhelm you with email static – I want you to WANT to hear from me! So I’ll try to keep it fresh and fun, okay?

Watch for a newsletter from me shortly!

Becky D