Thursday Things: A Few More of My Favorite Things

So my kids. They’re great. And they must think I’m halfway decent, too, in spite of my dubious parenting skillZ…

So here are some of my favorite gifts I received this year…

Christmas Love - My Kids Know Me Well

~ Custom Coffee Paraphernalia – A hand-hewn homemade mahogany stand for my Aeropress coffee maker (I love my Aeropress, and now I love showing it off!)…

~ Epic and Romantic and Soothing Mood Lighting – a Himalayan salt rock light that weighs enough to crack a heavy-duty plastic folding table when dropped on it (don’t ask me how I know that)…

~ Bomb Candy – A tub of Red Vines (mine, all mine)…

~ And a Gift that Keeps on Giving – A Time Turner necklace because time is one thing I ALWAYS need more of! (If you don’t know what that is, watch Hermione Granger use it in Prisoner of Azkaban HERE.)

Coffee, mood lighting, a LOT of one of my fave candies (Red Dye, thou hath no power over me!), and the ability to give myself a little extra time? Now to attack my To Be Read pile!

Best. Gifts. Ever. People.

What about you? Did you get – or GIVE – something unique this year?

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~ ~ ~

Happy Holidays, my friends!



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