Look What Heather is Giving Away!

Yes, it's been veeeeerrrrra (please, please, PLEASE read that with a Scottish burr - it's much more fun that way) quiet on the home front the last month or two. Well, I'm just gonna tell you now, it's probably going to stay fairly quiet the rest of the year. What's going on you ask? (more…)

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20 Random Things You Probably Didn’t Want to Know About Me

So my author friend Heather Day Gilbert tagged me in the 20 Random Things You Probably Didn’t Want to Know about Me post on Facebook. I'm not on Facebook much these days, and Heather knows that, so she included the option to do a blog post instead and just share that on Facebook. THAT I can do! (By the way, you can find Heather's 20 Things HERE!) (more…)

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Happy Columbus Day!


  Have you explored any worlds lately? Have you explored any WORDS lately? You don't need a ship and an oddly-smelling crew ... just read a book or two or three or more! Here are a few to launch your next adventure. Happy Columbus Day and Happy Exploring! ~ ~ ~ Somewhere in time: God's Daughter (Vikings of the New World Saga Book 1) by Heather Day Gilbert (FREE on Amazon for 3 days!) NOTE: Long before Columbus landed on these shores ... come the Vikings! A fantastic voyage of adventure, exploration, faith, and love. CLICK TO TWEET ABOUT THIS...

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Waters Fall is FREE for 3 Days!


 Waters Fall is FREE for 3 Days! WATERS FALL is FREE for 3 days on Amazon - Sunday, July 13th, through Tuesday, July 15th! I hope you pick up a copy for yourself, and tell your friends about it, too! (HEADS UP: The cover image on Amazon has not yet updated to the new cover, however, if you open the "Look Inside" option, and when you download the ebook, you'll see that it IS this new cover! Not sure what the delay is, but you'll get this new cover when you download the ebook!) About WATERS FALL: The anatomy of...

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Heather Day Gilbert – Bravehearted Pioneer!


Heather Day Gilbert is as much a bravehearted pioneer as her God's Daughter heroine, Gudrid Thorbjarnardóttir. Talk about discovering new worlds! Like Gudrid, who traveled across the vast, untamed waters to explore new lands and new opportunities for expansion, Heather bravely set her own ship into the waters of the Audiobook World, and asked me along as her sailing partner. God's Daughter is Heather's pioneer audiobook, just as it is the pioneer book in BraveHeart Audiobook's small, but mighty, and ever-growing library. It was because of Heather, who encouraged me, supported me, and trusted me to give a voice to...

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It’s a BOOK! Waters Fall Release Day!


Waters Fall Today is WATERS FALL RELEASE DAY! It's been a wild ride getting here, and now that this day has arrived, I know it's the beginning of another adventure...and I'm excited to see what comes next. WATERS FALL is one of those stories that sat in my heart for a long time, and although I tried several times over the years to write it, Jake and Nora's story couldn't be told until THEY were ready. When the floodgates finally burst open (and they did just that, during one of the busiest times in our lives with holidays, house guests,...

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Celebrating Life and Love and Literature


As we wrap up March (ALREADY!!!), join me in celebrating life and love and literature. Our handsome son and his beautiful bride celebrated their nuptials last weekend (March 22) along with a great crowd of friends and family sharing in their happiness. The weather was spectacular, the location was amazing, and the brilliant photographer Heather Smith captured it all with her remarkable eye. Volume 1, January Breeze, February Embers, & March Whispers, released in audiobook this week - you can find it on Amazon, Audible.com and soon, on iTunes, and each site offers a 5 minute sample for you to...

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