Thursday Things: THREE Awesome Giveaways!

Sweet Romance: A Light in the Dark by Becky Doughty

First off, let me just say that if you experienced even half the gratitude I did over Thanksgiving, you and I make one GRATEFUL BUNCH! And to thank you for being such lovely readers and all around awesome people (because you ARE, and I'm grateful for every one of you who read my words and keep coming back for more!), I've got a few different ways I'm showing my appreciation of YOU! (more…)

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The Fallout Series Boxset!

The Fallout Series Box Set by Becky Doughty - All the Way to Heaven, A Light in the Dark, A Long Way Home

Most of you already know A Long Way Home: Book 3 of The Fallout Series is out in both digital and print! But did you  know there is a digital box set of the whole series? How cool is that?! It releases today wherever ebooks are sold and for a limited time, it is only $5.99 - that's a HUGE discount for all three books. (more…)

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Two Goodreads Giveaways!


Are you a Goodreads Member? If not, now would be a great time to join up because I'm holding not one, but TWO Goodreads Giveaways! It's a fantastic resource for finding books and sharing your thoughts on what you've read, for keeping track of your reading, and for connecting with authors! It's also a great place to go for PRINT COPY giveaways from your favorite authors. (more…)

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