One thought on “Do You Ever Feel Like Drowning?

  • March 4, 2014 at 2:11 am

    Got tangled in seaweed once, while skindiving. But I’m thinking that’s not quite what you mean.

    Perhaps the closest analogy I can reach is standing on the edge of intervention in a dangerous situation, knowing that I had to help…but that I’d be badly wounded, and perhaps killed, in the process. (This has happened several times, and each time, yeah, I was hurt, usually quite badly.)

    The feeling engendered is one of resentment, more than anything else. You run to the sound of the guns saying, “Aw, s%#*!”

    Certainly there’s no courage or heroism involved. It’s just a nasty job needs doing, and WHY am I here????

    So I guess maybe it’s kinda sorta like drowning?

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