Thursday Things: 10 Things I Googled This Week

So I've started a file on my computer called "Things I Googled..." As an author, I get to tweak reality and suspend belief and live vicariously and create worlds, et al. But to do all those things in a way that makes readers WANT to believe the unbelievable, I have to infuse my falsities with at least of fraction of facts, right? So what does a girl do? She Googles. (more…)

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The Most Delightfully Venomous Book!

Little Book of Venom

Years ago, I stumbled across this little delightfully venomous book in the discount cart at a Barnes & Noble. I have to tell you, I have had the best snickers over this one...admittedly at the expense of the poor recipients about whom these vile and venomous statements were made. And yet, I've discovered that most of the said recipients rose to the occasion and proved the viper-tongued insult-hurlers wrong...which just makes this collection that much more delicious! (more…)

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Change is in the Air!


THANK YOU for your faithful support and encouragement in following my blog posts. I hope you know how much I appreciate you. I've heard from so many of you who are feeling overwhelmed and too busy these days, and the Holidays are just barely upon us! I can relate, my friends. I can relate. (I'm fondly labeling this year "Becky's Boot Camp 2015"). And in light of these busy times, a little change is in the air.... (more…)

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Who is God’s Daughter?


Would you believe it if I told you God's Daughter was a Viking? A volva, a pagan seeress who chose to turn away from the ancient religion of her people to become a child of God? I'm talking about Gudrid Thorbjarnardottir, the main character of Heather Day Gilbert's new Viking novel, God's Daughter! Yep, today is the day we get to OFFICIALLY meet Gudrid, a woman pursued by too many men, respected by the women who followed her, and committed to the ONE GOD who loved her. I had a chance to visit Heather and we shared many (MANY) cups...

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Building My Platform

As  a writer, I'm constantly working on my "platform" - my public appearance, my saleability, my ability to influence others to want to be in my "tribe." But God often directs us in a different way.... A few weeks ago, I posted about building a platform God's way at Splickety Magazine. Come check out what it means to me to "LOVE LIKE THAT."  

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Is There a REAL Elderberry Croft?


Many of you have asked if Elderberry Croft is a real place. In a way, it is. So today I thought I'd give you a teeny-tiny bit of story-behind-the-story on Willow Goodhope's story. Most of you know that Kevin and I just celebrated 25 years of marriage on June 25th, 2013. But those of you who know us personally, might secretly wonder about "that one year...." Several years ago now, our marriage imploded on itself, and I cut and run. Yes, I abandoned my husband and three children to go "find myself," and during that year or more, I did...

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Diane & David Munson: 5 Ways to Keep Your Marriage Fresh!

Oh my goodness! I have a WONDERFUL post to share with you today! As many of you know, my husband, Kevin, and I just celebrated our 25th Anniversary this Tuesday, June 25th. It was the last day of a rare, week-long getaway that included celebrating the wedding of a friend, as well. While on our road trip, Kevin wrote a great post about the miracle of marriage that he shared over on Married... With Fiction, to which there were some wonderful and thought-provoking responses. Needless to say, this month has been ALL ABOUT MARRIAGE for this Braveheart. So when I...

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A Hope Named Grace

  June already. HOW DID THAT HAPPEN? And what happened to the list of achievements I was to have accomplished by the end of the first half of 2013? I shake my head in shocked bemusement--what else can I do? I told a pastor friend that I feel like I've been treading water forever and I'm worn out. Have you ever tried treading water for an extended period of time? It's exhausting! And the scenery stays the same when you're treading water, so the spirit grows weary, too. But this I know: Things, they are a-changing. I can feel the...

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