Gia & the Blast from the Past AT LAST!

Yep! In case you hadn't noticed, Gia & the Blast from the Past is LIVE on Amazon and Goodreads! Technically, it's live as a pre-order until early morning, Saturday, June 3rd, but you can purchase your copy now and it will automatically show up in your Kindle just in time for your weekend reading enjoyment! Note: If you read on Apple iBooks, Kobo, or Barnes & Nobles Nook, the book is scheduled to release on those retailers the week of June 5th.   Gia and the Blast from the Past Book 4 of The Gustafson Girls Series When Gia comes face to face...

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Thursday Things: Always Time for Coffee…

There's Always Time for Coffee - Becky Doughty

It's the final countdown for the release of Gia & the Blast from the Past this month (Woo-hoo!) and I've been burning the candle at both ends to get there, and drinking lots of coffee along the way ... because there's always time for coffee, right? This book has been such a LONG time in the works, but when I look back over nearly a year since Phoebe & the Rock of Ages released, I'm amazed at all the things that have happened in the interim ... this has truly been a season of change for so many, hasn't it? And so, I'm...

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Grandbaby Updates and Book Updates and More!

I'll try to make this quick... (ignore the shifty eyes). Here are a few important updates on what's going on in my wee corner of the world. For more information, I'd love to have you join my Reader Community - you'll get the latest news and updates on books and audiobooks and members-only giveaways and free book opps and more! Scroll down to find out how. (more…)

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