The impact threw me hard into the steering wheel then back against the seat, my head ricocheting off the head rest. I threw up my hands to cover my face as debris from the other car hurled towards my windshield. The horrific crescendo of shattering glass burst inside my already throbbing head and I held my breath, waiting for a million shards to pierce my flesh. The stillness that followed was almost deafening... and then the car shifted, a hubcap dropped to the asphalt and rolled away, and reality came careening back in a whoosh of sensation as pain washed over...

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Joy Comes in the Morning


I will never be a morning person. However, when I do finally become more awake than asleep - eyes still closed, mind you! - I love the fuzzy awareness of lying in my own rumpled bed, squished between my dashing husband on one side and my 6-year-old on the other. My older children are usually up and about long before I am, preparing for their days of school and work, and there is nothing sweeter than being coerced into consciousness by the music of my stirring household. Lately, though, I have suffered from a lack of joy in the morning and I find myself becoming...

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