Thursday Things: THREE Awesome Giveaways!

Sweet Romance: A Light in the Dark by Becky Doughty

First off, let me just say that if you experienced even half the gratitude I did over Thanksgiving, you and I make one GRATEFUL BUNCH! And to thank you for being such lovely readers and all around awesome people (because you ARE, and I'm grateful for every one of you who read my words and keep coming back for more!), I've got a few different ways I'm showing my appreciation of YOU! (more…)

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Thursday Things: 10 Things I Googled This Week

So I've started a file on my computer called "Things I Googled..." As an author, I get to tweak reality and suspend belief and live vicariously and create worlds, et al. But to do all those things in a way that makes readers WANT to believe the unbelievable, I have to infuse my falsities with at least of fraction of facts, right? So what does a girl do? She Googles. (more…)

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I’m back from backing up.

A sledge hammer and drinking binge frustration - Becky Doughty

As you may have computer hard drive crashed at the end of September. An "avada kedavra, belly-up, legs-twitching-in-the-air" kind of crash. Although I don't know who wielded the wand on this one, what I took to my Computer Repair Mistress (CRM) was something that metaphorically resembled what was left of Voldemort under the bench at that weird, misty, near empty train station. Not quite dead, but not much left worth salvaging. (more…)

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Look What Heather is Giving Away!

Yes, it's been veeeeerrrrra (please, please, PLEASE read that with a Scottish burr - it's much more fun that way) quiet on the home front the last month or two. Well, I'm just gonna tell you now, it's probably going to stay fairly quiet the rest of the year. What's going on you ask? (more…)

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Grandbaby Updates and Book Updates and More!

I'll try to make this quick... (ignore the shifty eyes). Here are a few important updates on what's going on in my wee corner of the world. For more information, I'd love to have you join my Reader Community - you'll get the latest news and updates on books and audiobooks and members-only giveaways and free book opps and more! Scroll down to find out how. (more…)

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The Fallout Series Boxset!

The Fallout Series Box Set by Becky Doughty - All the Way to Heaven, A Light in the Dark, A Long Way Home

Most of you already know A Long Way Home: Book 3 of The Fallout Series is out in both digital and print! But did you  know there is a digital box set of the whole series? How cool is that?! It releases today wherever ebooks are sold and for a limited time, it is only $5.99 - that's a HUGE discount for all three books. (more…)

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Come on, Baby!

So tomorrow is July 29th, the "official" due date of our first grandchild. Midwife Magnifique (the best!) smiles kindly and says, "He's still high." Daughter Darling smiles grimly and says (under her breath), "Are YOU high?" Just kidding. She's extremely serene about this whole thing.... Grandma - that's me! - smiles pleasantly and says nothing... Until now. (more…)

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